Posted by: EPIC | May 17, 2012

Belmore Falls clean-up

The Belmore Falls clean up on the w/e of 28–29 April was an unusual trip and worth a few lines to let you know.

Belmore Falls is an 80m waterfall succeeded by several other waterfalls in the Morton National Park a bit beyond Fitzroy Falls.

ANUMC obtained permission to abseil the waterfall. As part of community spirit we undertook to clean rubbish in the area. Rubbish that could be reasonably carried in a day pack. Larger size rubbish would require more effort including a haul system. This was a trip similar to Bungonia Lookdown clean up and Fitzroy Falls clean up that I participated with under the umbrella of Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Squad.

Belmore Falls was literally pumping away with a thundering sound as it poured over the edge. The noise, volume, spray and windstream were thrilling to see after so many years of drought. The waterfall itself was relatively clean and a few cans, plastic bottles and other small things were picked up. This was in contrast with Fitzroy Falls and Bungonia where many sacks of rubbish were hauled up by the top crew. Items that were left in place to be picked up at a future trip were a lawnmower, a dishwasher and a green wheelie bin. These are now an excuse to return next canyoning season and undertake a thorough clean up instead of an investigative clean-up. The wind spray draught at the bottom was tremendous and we quickly chilled towards hypothermia even with wetsuits.

The walk out was very easy. The old abandoned walk down track was found and thus made it very easy to return to the top and admire the views along the way.

Do think about participating next time and help the community whilst having fun in a different canyoning experience. We could even schedule it early in the season to practice rope skills as well as reminder of hauling systems before wandering to New Zealand glaciers.

Keep active

— Nic Bendeli 🙂

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