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AGM 2011

The ANUMC had its Annual General Meeting last Thursday. As always, the event began with some drinks and munchies while club members old and new exchanged memories from the previous year and plans for adventures to come. The success of the ANUMC in 2011 was highlighted by Lauren in the Presidents Report: This year trip leaders organized 195 different outings in 11 disciplines (including the invention of the new adventure activity, “Coasteering!”). No wonder the ANUMC was voted “Club of the Year” by the ANU Sports and Recreation Association last year! With participation up in 2011, hopefully we can keep the momentum going through 2012!

Of course, the success of 2011 could not have been possible without the commitment of the Executive committee and many members who go above and beyond their responsibilities to the club. To publically acknowledge these indispensible club members, the Exec presents several awards during the AGM. This year, the award winners were as follows:
Ice Axe award for Outstanding Contribution to the club- Dave Boland
Trip Leader of the Year- Paul King
Up and coming Trip Leader- Phil Lengel
Beginner of the Year- Mel Millard
Contribution to Skills Development- Jansosch Hoffman
Outstanding Service to the Club- David and Finnian Lattimore
Congratulations to all of the award winners and thanks for your dedication to the ANUMC!

Of course, the AGM was also about thinking back to the more humorous adventures from the past year, and a number of mishaps from 2011 inspired several less prestigious, but no less entertaining awards from a variety of club trips. The award winners were:

Official club photographer award (for always being handy with a camera): Tom Bush
Club representation award for displaying the ANUMC’s various talents in competitive events: Jasmine Rickards (Women’s 6s Scott 24 hour mountain bike race)
Sarah Buckerfield (Australian University Games orienteering; national 24 hour rogaining comp)
‘Macgyver Award’ for innovative and creative problem solving skills in the bush: Andrew Collins
Bandaid Award for most spectacular recovery from injury: Jia-Urnn Lee
Swamp Monster Award for Aquatic Misadventure: David Powell
Back Country Cuisine Award for raising the standard of bush tucker: Mika Kontiainen and Emma Lewin
Culinary Disaster Award for lowering the standard of bush tucker: Tim Crockford
Finger in Every Pie Award for leading and participating in the most different club activities: Rob Hayes
Human Chainsaw Award (or the who not to share a tent with Award): Rob Hayes
Le Francais contribution to geographical discombobulation – contributions to navigational excellence: Julien Bernu, Lauren Bartsch, Ali Livernois
Scheufele Award for the longest unnecessary fall (including the Twisted Krab Award and the Bent Peg Award for super human contortionism): Gab Scheufele
The ANUMC is not a dating club Award: Various club couples formed in 2011 and earlier
Kitchen Sink Award 1 for bringing the bare minimum: Lars Andersson
Kitchen Sink Award 2 for bringing everything but the kitchen Sink (including her Mothers wrench set): Ali Livernois

Club members present at the AGM also helped select this year’s winners of the photo contest. There were four categories with a number of entries in all of them. Although competition was stiff this year, there can be only one winner in each!

The award for Best Landscape photo goes to Nic Bendeli for his photo “Moonset on Sunrise” at Mt Kilimanjaro.

The award for Best Action Shot goes to Kerstin Jungkunz for her photo “Stephan on “Lemington” at Arapiles”

Stephan on "Lemington" at Arapiles

The award for Best Flora and Fauna Shot goes to Anthony Mann for his photo “Butterfly on a daisy”

And the award for Best Personality goes to Jasmine Rickards for her photo “Gab”

Congratulations to all winners and happy trails for the rest of the year and 2012!
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