Posted by: EPIC | July 11, 2011

Queen’s Birthday in the Budawangs

By Alana Wilkes
The long weekend made a perfect opportunity for eight bushwalkers (Dave, Malba, Michael, Claire, Holly, Vika, Rob and Alana) to walk in the Budwangs. After heading to Wog Wog via the esteemed Braidwood Pizzeria on Friday night, we woke to a nice sunny Saturday and set off over creeks and through heath to the Corang River, where we found a lovely spot overlooking some cascades for lunch. Afterwards we worked out what Dave meant by “scratchy stuff” in his trip description as we continued along the river, then up Canowie Brook and on until we made the joyful sighting of the Burrumbeet Brook pit toilet. We continued on towards Mt Bibbenluke and watched a lovely sunset (last sun for the three days) before wandering through the last 3km of mud by head torch. Almost at out campsite, we ran into a lone walker in red and orange, Jaime, who we would see many times and he assured us we hadn’t gone too far.

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After setting up tents and having dinner, it was an early night ready for another early start. We woke to light drizzle that stuck around for most of the day and set off to the base of Mt Owen, around Mt Cole to the Monolith Valley and up a steep pass between the two mountains, where we again ran into Jamie coming the other way. Having covered a quarter the distance in the same time, he convinced us heading back the way we came would be more pleasant, so following lunch in a cave, we did just that.
Another rainy night at Mt Bibbenluke led to a pretty swampy campsite to pack up the next morning. We made our way back to Burrumbeet Brook through the bog and headed up to Corang Arch for a view through the fog. We pressed on and got back to the cars mid afternoon for coffee and dry clothes before setting off back to Canberra and the promise of warmth, dryness and a pillow.
Many thanks to Dave Powell for leading another great trip, and to everyone who came along for making it a fun weekend in the mud!

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