Posted by: EPIC | June 15, 2011

Royal Three Peaks 11-13 June 2011

1. Tom Gleeson
2. Rhys Madigan
3. Joshua Petrass

After years of trying to organise this trip with the ANUMC, we had three strong walkers keen to go and so we set off from Canberra in the evening on Friday 10 June, stopping at the Paragon Cafe in Goulburn for pizzas. We reached Kanangra around 11:00PM and camped by the cars, rising at 5:00AM the next morning to get ready for the walk. We left the car at the Kanangra Walls carpark and back-tracked to the Mt Thurat fire trail which we followed north to Mt Thurat, then went off-track across the Thurat Broad Range to Mt Paralyser. The logbook had previous ANUMC entries from John McGrath, myself and Lauren Bartsch, not to mention many many entries from SUBW, the CMW and the SBW. It was a hellishly steep 900m descent off Paralyser to the junction of Whalania Creek and Jenolan Creek, where we decided to camp after feeling a bit stiff and sore from the many falls and slips down the scree slopes of sharp granite. We got a fire going and enjoyed a 16-tomato pasta sauce, fresh(-ly dehydrated) kangaroo mince, and mountain bread (which stood in place of the couscous which I had forgotten to pack….). We set up our flys and slept well with no rain overnight.

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On the second day, we drank lots of water and then filled up our bottles before beginning the 1000m ascent of Nooroo Buttress, right to the top of Mt Guouogang. The ascent was incredibly steep, with some very exposed rock-scrambling over wet and slippery granite and scrub bashing all thrown in. The logbook at the summit was rather less used than the one on Paralyser, nevertheless we made our entry as the mist grew thicker and it began to rain. Feeling the pain of an old injury flaring up, I presented our route options to Rhys and Josh, who kindly agreed with my suggestion of piking at this point. We followed the gentle walking of the Krungle Bungle Range south-west to the old farms at Whalania Heights where we made camp for the night. We had a somewhat difficult time trying to get a fire going in the cold blowing wind, but finally had it roaring and warming us nicely.

We awoke to the sound of rain, so after some breakfast we packed up and walked out to the Kanangra Walls Road, dumped our packs in the bushes and began the 16km road bash back to Kanangra Walls. After an hour of this, we were lucky enough to meet some friendly Germans who gave me a lift to Kanangra Walls. I picked up the car and went back to collect Rhys and Josh. We drove then to Oberon and enjoyed a couple of steak sandwiches at the Royal Hotel, before heading back to Canberra. So we may not have made it to Mt Cloudmaker (which was shrouded in cloud and rain for much of the weekend…) but we still enjoyed some classic bushwalking in a wild and beautiful part of the southern Blue Mountains. Thanks to Rhys and Josh for the great company on the walk.

Posted by Tom Gleeson
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