Posted by: EPIC | February 9, 2011

2010 Scott 24h Mountain Bike Race Report

One event! Two Races!
One weekend, 24 hours of epic fun!

On the 9th / 10th October 2010, the 2010 Scott24 hour was held in conjunction with World Solo 24Hr Mountain Bike Championships, which took place outside of its North American homeland for the first time. Stromlo Forest Park saw many mountain bikers, and twice the number of spinning wheels. With more than 370 teams, Stromlo was packed. The main car park was filled with white tents for the brave doing 24 hours of mountain biking – alone. With thighs of iron and the willpower of steel – in my opinion, they definitely deserved the prime picnic spots to rest, and get refuelled for the next lap. And most of the surrounding spaces were filled with tents, cars, people, bikes and more bikes!

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the 24hour race consists of individuals or teams riding a mountain biking course for 24 hours. Teams ride in a relay style, while individual/ solos ride for the entire 24 hours on their own. But this event is not just about getting there, finishing the 24 hours getting home and then going to work the next day (or the day after for most). It’s about having fun with your mates, feeling the adrenaline when you ride, meeting other fellow bikers, and improving on the riding skills and bike controls. Some may say it’s also about riding hard and pushing yourself. I second that with the following addition; yelling ‘EUREKA!’ when you’ve crossed an obstacle in one piece, whilst still on the bike and trying not to fall at the next one.

There were also many types of merchandise to look at. I call it bike ‘porn’ at home. But it’s so much better than drooling over a mountain biking magazine and ogling at all the bike gear that may be well beyond your budget. Don’t get me wrong, they did give out copies of mountain biking magazines; but that’s just part of the entertainment. There were bikes that you could borrow and try out on you next lap and Freebies too. Items were given away throughout the entire 24 hours, before AND after the races as well. Jasmine got a new set of tyres for having the baldest set of tyres, and all those who stayed ‘til after the award ceremony got free handle bar grips too! There were also stands with coffee/milk, fish and chips, pizza, and a guy making mouth watering tiny pancakes served with ice-cream.

So what has this got to do with ANUMC? Well, we had two teams of six riding ANUMC boneshakers, and ANUMC-RMIT plus one dedicated driver who came all the way from Melbourne. Not everyone was experienced bikers. I for one only started MTBing something like 6 months before the race. Here’s what some of us had to say:

Who: Joyce the first timer
Best moment: Taking a corner at a faster speed than I’ve ever done
Worst moment: Reaching the halfway mark smashed because I didn’t pace
Most memorable moment: Cycling up the hill at night and realizing that the spider on the ground was probably going at the same speed.
Biggest mistake during the 2010 Scott24: Two biggest mistakes; 1) I didn’t ride the full course until the start of the race..hehe…OOPS; 2) I waited too long to try the tiny pancakes – by the time I wanted to get some, the guy had closed
Plans for the 2011 Scott24: See you there! But I’ll definitely try and put in more training.

Who: Tommo
Best moment: The first lap, had fresh legs and an agile mind, and the triple jump was still open.
Worst moment: Matt waking me up at 4am telling me I was up next. Getting up at 4am is harsh at the best of times let alone trying to convince yourself to go riding. Ended up having a great lap though.
Most memorable moment: Starting my first night lap and looking up the hill to see the tracks lit up by bike lights snaking their way around the hill.
Biggest mistake during the 2010 Scott24: Relying on other people to tell me the time (and them getting it wrong), and a bit more training before hand would not have gone astray
Plans for the 2011 Scott24: More training (ride the Mont24)

Who: Jasmine
Best moment: The whole thing: Spending 24h riding eating and sleeping. Zooming down the party line curves at 2am!
Worst moment: Stomach cramp going up the nasty hill at the start on the first lap
Most memorable moment: Sven tearing out of the transition area at warp speed trying to make up for the time he lost going to the loo just as Adam arrived back. And Bob patching up Billy’s face in the middle of the night after he wiped out on a tree
Biggest mistake during the 2010 Scott24: Late night on Friday night. Next time stockpile sleep!!
Plans for the 2011 Scott24: More ANUMC people especially girls. More riding at Stromlo.

All these words, but I still can’t convey the entire experience of the 24hour race plus the other 24hours of the weekend. One suggestion; TRY IT!

Written by Joyce Yeoh. Photos courtesy of Jasmine Rickards and Adam Samuelson


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