Posted by: EPIC | December 2, 2010

Ying-Yi’s inner mumbles about her first ever bushwalking trip

Saturday, 13 November was a special day for Ying-Yi because it was the day, not long after arriving in Australia, that she went on her first ever bushwalking trip in response to the following trip description in the ANUMC trip calendar:

Blue Gum Hill: This Saturday off-track bushwalk will explore the area of Namadgi National Park between the Corin Dam Road and Booroomba Rocks. This area is less than an hour’s drive from the ANU and easily accessible from the Smokers Trail car park off Corin Dam Road. The topography is excellent for navigation practice (lessons provided upon request) with a good mix of isolated open grassy valleys, creeks, knolls, granite outcrops and bush. Depending on our route and Murphy’s Law, the walk may require some (hopefully limited) scrub-bashing in places. The highlight of this 12km walk will be lunch perched 400m above Blue Gum Creek on the rocky balconies of Blue Gum Hill (~1460m). Also known as Mt Lincoln, this infrequently visited summit provides excellent views, including of Canberra. This trip is suitable for beginners.At the end of the day, Ying-Yi promised Mika, the trip leader, to write a short article about her experience; but she soon realized it was not possible to describe her mixed feeling about the trip. Ying-Yi decided instead to just document all her inner mumbles (even though she did shout out some curses along the trip). She hopes that these mumbles can give “inexperienced” bushwalkers a sense about what a bushwalking may like; and to remind “experienced” bushwalkers of your “good old days.”

So Ying-Yi’s inner mumbles begins….

Wow! I am so excited to try bushwalking and meet new friends? (On her way to the rendezvous to meet up with other people)

Wow! All my team members look friendly. Today is going to be a great day. (Meeting the other trip participants)

Wow! I see a live Kangaroo (Driving to the start of the walk)

Gosh, this is the worst road I have ever been driving on…my poor new Yaris. (On her way driving to the parking lot)

Oh my God…where is the visitor center?? Where are the toilets? Where are the other human beings? (At the so called parking lot at Smokers Trail)

Umm….so this is the bushwalking…..seems fun (10 minutes after leaving the track, entering the bush and discovering that bushwalking sometimes means actually walking through the bush)

What? There may be snakes? Why didn’t anyone tell me this before I came? (Walking across a grassy clearing, 15 minutes after leaving the track)

Wow! Another live Kangaroo (after 20 minutes of bushwalking)

Are you sure this trip is suitable for beginners? (After 1 hour of bushwalking, now back in the woods)

This is definitely not for beginners, this is insanely difficult. (After 1.5 hours of bushwalking, now going uphill through scrub)

Why would I sign up for this trip??? (After 2 hours of bushwalking)

Why the hell did I sign up for this trip???????????? (After 2.5 hours of bushwalking, the last hour of it pushing through scrub)




Where is the lunch spot?? Mika is a liar. He said that we would be there shortly in like one hour ago……. (After 3.5 hours of bushwalking)

How come no one told me that bushwalking also requires some serious rock climbing skills? (Scrambling up huge rocks on the way to the summit)

Finally…I can finally sit down and have my lunch (at the lunch spot)

Wow. The view is actually very nice…umm…but be careful with the height…. (Atop Blue Gum Hill, high above the valley below)

Okay…I don’t want to move (at the lunch spot)

What?? Time to go again????? (About to leave the lunch spot)

Shoot….. (The first time I stumble and twisted my ankle)

Shoot….. (The second time I twisted my ankle)

Shoot….. (The third time I twisted my ankle)

Shoot….. (The nth time I twisted my ankle)

Screaming…..I really wanna go home (as the group reaches the bottom of a long, scrubby descent off Blue Gum Hill)

………………(too tired to mumble)

………………(too tired to mumble)

………………(too tired to mumble)

Is Mika lost? Maybe this is the reason why it takes FOREVER for us to get back. (As Mika keeps asking everybody where they think we are. Actually, he is just encouraging people to take an interest in the navigation)

OKAY…I am literally dying here…(trudging alongside the grassy banks of Blue Gum Creek)

Could somebody just kill me? Please? (Collapsing in a heap in the bush above Blue Gum Creek)

I miss my Mom, my dad, my brother and whoever in the civilized world..(After another half an hour of following a wombat track up hill through the scrub)

Wow…road..road..road…it is so nice to walk and don’t have to worry about where and what you will step on…(suddenly emerging onto Smokers Trail)

Wow…so nice to see my car and another Kangaroo again…okay…this is a perfect ending (back at the parking lot, where it didn’t start to rain until after we drove off)

Okay…now…I really need to use the toilet (on the way home)

As you can see from Ying-Yi’s inner mumbles, she almost went insane that day on the trip. How does she feel now? Well, after taking three days to rest and get calm, she feels that the bushwalking is in general a fun activity. Will she join another one in the future? Umm…She thinks so. But next time she will make sure to pick a trip that is suitable for her level.

PS. Special thanks to David. If it were not him, who carried my backpack for me, I might have uttered more curses that day.

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