Posted by: EPIC | November 4, 2010

ANUMC annual awards

Each year the ANUMC acknowledges the committment demonstrated by its club members at the annual awards nights. Here are the recipients for 2010.

The ‘Axe’
for outstanding club contribution
Awarded to Nic Bendeli. Nic has been a long time contributor to the ANUMC, running many skills sessions, trips and jog-a-longs. Nic’s contribution was recognised by receiving the ‘Axe’ for 2010.

Trip Leader of the Year
Awarded to Dave Powell. This year, Dave ran a number of bushwalks out to the Budawangs and the Snowy Mountains. His trips were enjoyed by members and he received many nominations for Trip Leader of the Year for 2010.

Up and Coming Trip Leader of the YearAwarded to George Bills. George ran 12 independent climbing trips in 2010, including trips for beginners and the more advanced. George also stepped up to take on the role of Climbing Officer, while Sam was on an overseas climbing trip.

Beginner(s) of the Year
Awarded to Tom Bush and Ali Livernois. Both Tom and Ali were new to the ANUMC this year, and had never climbed. Since coming on a Huge Days Out trip, these two have become regulars at Nowra, learning to lead climb both Sport and Trad routes.

Some not so serious awards were also awarded on the night to embarass those that were unfortunate enough to be nominated by their trip leaders.

Bandaid Award for Best Injury
Craig Dunlop

Swamp Monster Award for Aquatic Misadventure
Steve Lade

Snow Bunny Award- the naked snowshoers
Jess Fuller-smith, Malba Barahona, Leif Eldridge-smith, Nick Bakker, David Powell, Harold Brown

Back Country Cuisine Award- for Fondue at the Mid Winter Feast
Garrick Larkin and Claire Fraser

Culinary Disaster Award- for 2 minute noodles at the Mid Winter Feast

Jamie Horsfield

Geographical Discombobulation Award for Contributions to Navigational Excellence
Liz Evans

Bent Peg Award for the Longest Fall
Helen Box

‘Macgyver Award’ – for innovative and creative problem solving skills in the bush
Ray Vran

Panda Award for Club romance investigation
Richard Salmons

Bromance (Winter Manoeuvres) Award
Tom Sear, Leif Eldridge Smith, Harold Brown, Seann McKibbin and Amir Mohammadi

Talanine Award for the most unnecessary fall
Kirill Talanine

Scheufele Award for the most unnecessary climb
Gab Scheufele

“Tell My Mother I’ve Moved To Nowra” Award
Nowra climbers x 10

24 Hour Party People
Thomas Polden, Joyce Yeoh, Adam Samuelson and Ben Exton

‘Fat Man Shirt’ Award
Lee Schrader, Tor Lattimore and Phil Threlfall

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