Posted by: EPIC | September 8, 2010

Hot August nights

We decided to celebrate the last weekend of winter skiing with a relaxed cross country trip up around the trails at Perisher. Leaving at the crack of dawn, Ali, Ant, Paul, Em, Ju, Aaron, Bobbie, George and myself made our way up to Jindabyne, only to be caught in the traffic jam caused by the random alcohol and drug testing that the police decided to do at 7:30am. Both Ali and I must have looked like raging party animals, as we were both pulled over- but we were quickly let go. We finally arrived at the Perisher carpark, donned our skis and took a quick whip around the 10km loop on the Perisher Nordic trails.

We stopped for lunch at the Nordic Shelter, where Andrew and his daughter Gracie met us. They too had been caught in the traffic jam, but had wisely decided to pull off the road, have breaky and read the paper until the road cleared. After lunch we decided to head in the direction of Porcupine Rocks, which we finally located, after I had unsuccessfully declared every group of rocks as the ones we were looking for.

After a few hours, we wound our way back to the shelter and parted ways with the day trippers. A short trip down to the snow covered Island Bend campsite (with brand new toilet), where we set up camp for the night. After a delicious dinner of pea and mint soup, minestrone soup and banana cake, we sat around the blazing fire (thanks to Julien) and toasted the end of winter with a glass of port.

Sunday saw us head back to Perisher (albeit parking at Smiggins as we were a bit late). Our goal was to find a decent slope on which to practice tele turns (or in my case, riding switch on the snowboard). On our way to Charlotte Pass, we found a suitable slope, and after a bit of a slog and a quick lunch, we were off! I learnt the hard way that whilst back country snow boarding down a hill is lots of fun, the walk back is not quite so. Emma and I spent time considering the virtues of the split board, which I think would make a good investment after spending 20 minutes trudge back up the hill after each run.

As the light began to fade, we followed the road back to Perisher, at which point we decided to ski back to Smiggins. After loading the cars, we joined the line of cars snaking back to Cooma, with a top speed of 40km an hour. Dinner at Continental Thai rounded out a wonderful weekend skiing and a fitting farewell to Winter. Now we’re just looking forward to as much Spring skiing as possible!


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