Posted by: EPIC | August 11, 2010

My Life and Times With a Penny Stove: A Reflective and Informative Review

This will be a web log review of the penny stove, which is a comparatively advanced type of beer can stove.  Pennys have been out of circulation in Australia since a long, long time ago. In America though, they still have pennys, and handguns and hikers that carry both. Yessiree, the penny stove is from the USA, and yet it accrued no food miles, since it is not food.

I purchased my penny stove from the AC Aircraft Company in Washington in the deep winter of 2009. As an steamed writer and adventurer, usually I would have my sherpa and manservant Jeromboux fashion the stove from designs loaded down from the information superhighway. On this occasion however, many people in the USA were imagining that there was less imaginary money than they had previously imagined. Chaos and calamity and other c words preceded by ‘banker’ were used in descriptions of this event at the time. Moved by their fall from gung-ho buster hegemonic dominance (hegemonic is pretentious academic talk for a country that is acting like a big bully), I took it upon myself to extend a symbolic handful of electronic money to our free trade acquaintances across the Pacific.

And my word, reader, you will be pleased to know that it worked. A week later Jeromboux walked excitedly but with perfect posture into my international office of adventure and adventuring and announced the arrival of a package and the stabilizing of the international imaginary money markets. Immediately after waking up later that afternoon I prepared an aperitif and opened the package. I found that the stove was light, used mentholated spirits or fine aged cognac as fuel, and boiled water in less time than it takes to set up a first arrow while making less noise than a jetboil.

In the full spectrum of seasons that have passed since, I have used the penny stove’s powers for the good of mankind and I feel now that I can reach an informed position on its utility.

And the result of this review is:





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